Weight Loss Meal Replacement Shake diets are all the rage, but is it really safe to lose weight rapidly?

2/3 of the adult population are considered overweight, with 1/3 being considered obese. Being overweight can put your health at risk, and leave your body vulnerable to diseases like diabetes, and heart related disorders.

Healthy Quick Weight Loss Diets – Protein Weight Loss Meal Replacement Shakes

Protein weight loss meal replacement shakes can be a great quick weight loss diet tool, but only if you choose the right protein shake for weight loss.

Protein weight loss meal replacement shakes can be used when an individual is looking for a diet that will produce quick weight loss. Some key benefits of protein weight loss shakes for quick weight loss is that the nutrients and vitamins one would lose with a restricted calorie diet are included within the shake.

What Should I Look For In A Healthy Protein Weight Loss Meal Replacement Shake?

A high quality protein shake for weight loss addresses the 3 key common challenges people face when trying to lose or maintain weight:

1. Getting good nutrition while cutting calories.
2. Boosting a tired metabolism and keeping energy levels going on fewer calories
3. Controlling the hunger and stress of dieting.

Will I gain the weight back as quickly as I lose it using a quick weight loss diet?
According to Audrey Sommerfeld, SVP of Marketing for ViSalus Sciences; “There are many programs out there that can have you lose weight fast, only to regain it back quickly.

For example, if you cleanse, or drink those cayenne pepper type of drinks you will lose weight quickly. The challenge is you may be losing water weight, and eliminating waste to feel lighter, fast.


When you go back to eating normally again, you will gain back the water weight because our diets are so high in sodium. The average American consumes as much as 8x more sodium per day than needed.

These fast weight products can also cause you to lose life enhancing muscle, slowing your metabolism and weakening your long term health.”

Final Thoughts On Quick Weight Loss Diets – Protein Weight Loss Meal Replacement Shakes

Protein Powder weight loss shakes are a great diet program to achieve quick weight loss.

To keep the weight off, studies show that those who chose to use weight loss support groups in addition to their quick weight loss diet program experience more long term success in losing the unwanted weight, and in keeping the weight that they have lost off.

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